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Online Job Recruitment with Social Media

Online Job Recruitment with Social Media

So we’ve laid the groundwork for finding a job online. But are you going online to find the right people to work for your company? Of course you know how to post to job Internet boards, Google candidates’ names and check out social media profiles. But there’s more you can do for online job recruitment.

Ask your marketing people about how social media could help you find the right person for key positions in your company. Here are some things they may tell you: Click Here to Read Article …

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Do You Have an Intern from Hell?

Ah, summertime in the northern hemisphere!

If your company takes on interns this is the time of year where you’ve got your share of college kids walking around the office in their only pair of crumpled slacks and inappropriate shoes.

By the average office standards, my “intern shoes” weren’t exactly inappropriate. But by the standards of my employer, a Madison Avenue boutique public relations firm, my shoes and the rest of my wardrobe were offensively unfashionable. But this was the least of their worries. I officially became the intern from hell on the day I unintentionally mixed up the press clippings from 2 brands that had very similar names – let’s call them Soda and Soda A. There were hundreds of clippings! I realized this soon after I ended my contract (as opposed to my contract being ended for me);it must have taken my supervisors quite a while to sort out everything.

How about you, have you been an intern from hell or have you had one in your office? Click Here to Read Article …

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What Would You Do If You Were Let Go?

The economic situation is tough right now; it really hasn’t eased up much recently nor does it show signs of doing so anytime soon.  No matter how productive you may be at what you do, you may find yourself out of work if the proverbial “house of cards” at your place of employment comes tumbling down.

If that was to happen, are you prepared?  Regardless of how you feel your position stands in terms of security, you just never know – so it’s good to make sure you’re ready should the need arise.

But let’s take it one step further.

If your job was to disappear tomorrow, are you prepared to do something else instead?

What would you do if you were let go?  Would you simply move on, or re-create your work like in some form or another?  Would you go it alone?  Let us know in the comments. Click Here to Read Article …

5 Reasons To Check In With Human Resources

The Human Resources department isn’t just for resolving serious work-related conflicts – or for new employees. It’s a commonly overlooked resource for both happy and unhappy employees. It’s a shame that employees only visit HR when faced with a tense situation. After all, they are quite literally “at your service,” whether you’re in the middle of a catastrophe or enjoying a long string of productive workdays. Perhaps it’s time to visit that sleepy corner of the office to see what Human Resources can do for you. Click Here to Read Article …

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Paying Your Dues As An Entry-Level Employee

“Entry-level” work often consists of the mundane, tedious tasks that managers and veterans just won’t do anymore. The term itself makes it quite clear that entry-level positions are at the bottom of the office rankings. Being the “new guy” or the “rookie” at work can seem like a raw deal, but the right outlook can help you pay your dues as painlessly as possible. It’s a rite of passage that almost every one of your co-workers survived at the start of their career. If you do your entry-level work right the first time, you’ll never have to revisit the bottom of the totem pole. But, if you approach it with a poor attitude and a shaky work ethic, you might find yourself a permanent position in entry-level limbo. Click Here to Read Article …

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3 Great Job Interview Articles

In today’s job market, people are not only changing workplaces more than ever; they are altering their career paths as well. Being confident going into a job interview – either for a better position within your current place of employment or for a new employer altogether – can be a real challenge.  Being prepared, however, is easy if you’ve been keeping tabs on where you are at in your career and where you’d like to be.  It’s all about being proactive even when there may not be an immediate need.

Here are three articles that give you practical advice on how (and how not to) land that next job.

Click Here to Read Article …

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25 Examples of Super Creative Resume Design

In today’s job market, it sometimes takes a little extra ingenuity to get noticed. We’ve heard of people printing their resume on florescent paper, sending baked goods along with a cover letter, even buying online ads or renting billboards to promote themselves. While we don’t always recommend such extreme approaches (read up on Aleksey Vayner’s “Nothing is Impossible” video resume to see why), we have to admire the creativity of these 25 resume designs: Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Best Utilize Your Personal Assistant

Many managers, particularly those new to management do not make the most of having a personal assistant.  A well organised, reliable assistant can provide significant value to a manager transitioning into a new division or company.  The practical tips below will have a new manager and their assistant performing as a well oiled machine in no time. Click Here to Read Article …

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