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Outsourcing Doesn’t Necessarily Have to be a Bad Thing

outsourcing doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing

Nobody is going to argue that outsourcing, as a general idea, is usually considered a bad thing.

The nightly news is full of stories about huge corporations who dodge tax burdens and destroy jobs by outsourcing their basic needs, like customer service, to other countries.

Sometimes though — especially when you are running your own business — outsourcing can be a good and helpful thing.

Here are the top three things that you can (and should) outsource when you are building a business of your very own. Click Here to Read Article …

Starting Your Own Business for Under $1,000

Starting Your Own Business

The Internet is without a shadow of a doubt the most powerful tool in the world. One amazing aspect to the Internet is how easy it allows you to quit your day job and help you with starting your own business venture you have always dreamed of, all at a relatively low risk.

You may ask how on earth can I start my business without having employees or even a website, well the answer is simple: outsourcing. Websites such as E-lance or Freelancer have made it incredibly easy to get the services you need to start your venture all at a relatively low price. Even if your company involves complex tasks such as software development, you can find someone affordable to help you make the first version. I once developed my own iPhone app for under $1,000. Click Here to Read Article …

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5 Warning Signs That Tell You Are Working Too Hard

Working too hard

You have probably heard the common phrase “work smart, not hard” many times before. The basic premise of this phrase is that working too hard is not necessarily the best way of working.

Instead, when you spend a little bit more time on preparing and planning your work, you get even more done but with less work.

In order to “cure” the work hard mindset, here are five warning signs that you should recognize and remedies for each one of them. Click Here to Read Article …

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Should I Outsource? To Be Or Not To Be Outsourcing


There’s a half-joke that trolls round my office: “You cannot do it? Outsource it to the guy next to you!” Well, I agree, this doesn’t quite mean outsourcing but rather passing the buck, yet it works like charm at times!

To state things straight, it’s a world of interaction we live in and businesses often need to outsource tasks that can be done cheaper and better by specialized third parties. How to know if outsourcing is a go for your business?

This is quite a delicate matter, even though almost every company or professional has experienced outsourcing at some point, especially when starting up. Some businesses choose to outsource narrow processes such as billing, while others externalize large sections (customer service is among the most common task here). Click Here to Read Article …

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